Did you Wonder, why some employees perform very good at interview but do not deliver expected results?
Is Your Leadership Style a good match for your organization?

The above situation indicates towards a mismatch of situational requirement and person's natural strengths.

Dr. Harvard Gardener suggested that the best way to Achieve Your Dreams is to Strengthen your Natural Tallent.

DMIT - Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a combined Scientific Study of Brain Lobes, Multiple Intelligence and Human Psychology, with the help of fingerprints.

Scientists and Medical experts have developed DMIT on the basis of research in Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Embryology. Therefore DMIT Test has been accepted across the world and being used countries namely USA, Sweden, Japan, China, Sweden, Indonesia, German, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and Taiwan for the purpose of education, employment and sports.

In India for last 5+ years DMIT has been successfully helping Executives and Students of different profession and age for providing them with Knowledge of Their Inborn Strengths and Shaping up their Careers.


Great businesses are built by consistently working in the areas of Leadership. For this purpose, understanding of one’s own natural talent and acquired personality traits becomes very essential. DMIT helps the business owner in utilizing their natural strengths. 

On the basis of DMIT we coach the business leaders to help them with:

  • Know your strengths as an entrepreneur and your weak areas
  • Know your Leadership style, risk-taking capabilities and ways manage stress
  • Know your Personal Quotients IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ
  • Know your delegation style and delegation needs
  • Know level of your own creativity and imagination
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect


Employees are the most important assets of any organization. But they are also the most wasted assets if they do not perform at desired level. Right person for the right job is a desired situation for any organization. For achieving this end organizations have to match the job requirements with the potential candidate.
DMIT helps in understanding the characteristics of a candidate during the selection process and can help organization for finding the best fit for the position under consideration.

This is how the DMIT shall help the organizations in finding the best suitable person for the job:

  • Pre employment screening for finding strengths and weaknesses of candidate
  • Reduce operating cost by putting the right person on the right job
  • Discover employees’ possibilities, maximizing efficiency & effectiveness
  • Identify training opportunity – TNI for development of employee’s abilities
  • Know your HODs’ Leadership Style and qualities
  • Know employees’ Personal Quotients IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect


All students are gifted. But parents may not know what gift their children possess. Parents tend to compare their children with other students. This comparison creates undue stress on students and parents. Every student has a possibility to excel in some area. Each student has a possibility of building a strong career in some area. All these possibilities can be unearthed by DMIT and student can be guided to build a great career right from an early age.

The DMIT for student is recommended for strongly due to following benefits:

  • Understand student’s innate strengths and multiple intelligence distribution
  • Know Students creative and analytical mind, right and left side of brain
  • Know Personal Quotients: IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ
  • Get support in selection of most suitable subject stream where the student can naturally excel.
  • Identify student’s extracurricular activities, interest and hobbies
  • Counselling for career and guidance based upon Multiple Intelligences
  • Know student’s preferred best Learning Style and excel in studies
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect

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