Strategic Vision & Mission Training

Mission Possible - Journey to Great Business

"Vision without action is a dream.
Action without vision is a nightmare." - Chinese Proverb

More than 95% SMEs don't have defined Vision, Mission & Goals. Are you one of them?

Actions based upon Clear Vision and well-defined Plan bring miraculous results and make the impossible, possible.

Majority of SMEs remain at the mercy of external factors beyond their control and only struggle amidst uncertainties and remain content with organic growth.

Mission possible is three days immersive workshop to help you discover:

  • The Secret code of business Growth, the purpose and vision of your business
  • Your limiting beliefs about business growth how to overcome them
  • The Long term, medium term and short-term goals and Supporting strategies
  • Strategies for creating accountable organizational culture
  • How to create a free of cost employee training system
  • Designing, Documenting, and implementing business Processes
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect

Training Mode :
Open House

Duration :
3 Days

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