How to be a Super Achiever in Less Time?

I am too busy.  I don’t have time for my health, my family or even for myself. I want to get some time for thinking and doing some growth activities for my business, but I am completely occupied with date today operational tasks.  How do I get more time?  How can I start spending some time on my business growth?
If these are the questions troubling you as well, this is the best article for you. Today I’m going to share with you a few tips which I have implemented for getting more done in less time. I am sure by implementing these tips  you can also get more done in less time and thereby save lots of time for your dream activities. 
  1. Create a high level of clarity about what you want to achieve: This is the first step for focusing your efforts, energy and time. Goal is the key motivation for getting the job done. Break your goal into monthly, weekly and daily goals.
  1. Set your daily targets for work completion anddecide on the previous evening what three important activities you want to do during the next day.  Dedicate yourself to complete these activities first and then do anything else. If you do the hardest work first, then easy tasks will take care of themselves.
  1. Set aside a fixed time for working on important activities: decide what are the key important activity for the day and set a time for that.  Commit yourself to that activity only during that time.  Even if you work for half an hour daily on a long project it will get completed soon.  And you will be motivated to continue your progress. Consistent small efforts will lead to big progress due to compounding effect principle.
  1. Keep your mobile phone away when you are working:  your phone maybe your best productivity tools but most of the time it acts as a big distraction. Therefore, keep it away at a distance from you, when you are working on something important. So that, alerts and ringing tones do not disturb you and steal away your valuable time.
  1. Decide what you should not do: While it is important to know what you should do; it is equally important to know what you should not do. There is lots of time we spend on activities which may not be done or can be done later.  One should be aware of such tasks and must know that these tasks take away your important time. Use 80/20 rules find out what 20% of activities are important and delivering 80% results.
  1. Productivity is equal to the application of Energy, Focus and Time.  Find out when you can you spend your time on a given task more focus and energy. Find out when during the day you are more energetic, your biological prime time.  Commit yourself during that time for more important activities during the day. 
  1. Create a “waiting for list”; there are lots of tasks which are pending in your list because you are waiting for some action from other person. Create a list of such tasks and keep reminding those people time to time. Stronger your follow up higher will be the possibility of task completion. Develop a routine for follow up with others.
  1. Learn to Delegate; You cannot do everything yourself. You only have limited time. You must never do those tasks which can be done by somebody else in your team. Develop you team to take up higher responsibility and make them accountable. Identify which of your tasks can be delegated to someone else in your team, motivate and train that person to handle those tasks and create a win win situation you and for him.
If you follow the above tips you will be able to accomplish more in less time. And you will become a super achiever in less time.

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