Our In-House Trainings

# Service Title Topics Covered
Negotiation Skills Training
Psychology of Negotiation, Negotiation process, Rules of Negotiation, Tactics of Negotiation
Handling Sales Objections - the Key to your sales Success
9 Types of Sales Objections, Objections blocking, Handling Price objections
Getting best from your Team
11 Strategies for maximizing employee's performance, psychology of performance, Immutable laws of performance
Interpersonal Effectiveness through Effective Communication
Principles of Interpersonal Effectiveness, Verbal Communication, and Written Communication
MS Excel for Business
Basic and advanced Excel tools to increase your productivity
Change Management
Need to change, Resistance for change, How to handle the resistance for change, Kotter's model of change mgmt., Steps of Change formula, Action plan for change
Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
Dealing with stage nervousness, Techniques of presentation, Winning Sales presentation
Supervisory Development Program (SDP)
Supervisor's quality, roles and responsibly, Getting best from workers, how handle workers day to day issues and get best performance
10 steps to Success
How to create an unstoppable self, Strategies for self-motivation, Power of affirmation
Habits of High Effective Employees
8 habits of highly effective employees, How to create new habits and forget old ones
Performance Management System - the key to organizational success
How to manage the employee performance, Constructive Feedback, how to do objective employee performance evaluation

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