E-Books by Rakesh Sharma

Coronavirus - 10 Never Before Opportunities for your business

I understand, you are going through tough time.The business is down. Customers are not picking up material. They have asked for delayed delivery. Salespeople are not able to approach the customers. Orders are getting deferred. Payments are not coming on time.

Friends this is an extraordinary situation. So we need to understand and have patience.

This E-book will guide business owners and small scale industries which are going through tough phase of economic slowdown and COVID-19 outbreak.

Secrets To Minimize Absenteeism At Workplace

This E-book Will help you to understand different shapes of absenteeism at workplace:

1. Workers not reporting on a scheduled day without any prior information

2. Workers not reporting after leave granted

3. Workers coming to office/factory and leaving the workplace after some time

4. Workers going on unscheduled leave and extending their leaves

5. Workers working only for half day and going on leave for the rest of the day

How to Create Shared Vision, Mission & Goals ?

As the current financial year is reaching towards its end, for the business world this is the time to think forward and start planning for next year.

Most of you must be now planning for the next year while most others must be still busy to complete your targets of the current year.
While working with lots of clients I have seen that most of the small and medium entrepreneurs do not have clarity about their Vision and Mission. They do not even set the goals for the next year. They completely depend on the organic growth which comes their way.

However, in the business world having a well-defined Vision and Mission and business values is very prevalent and considered to be important for creating a big business.

In this book I am going to share with you the importance of creating a shared Vision and Mission and the process for creating the same.

20 Things You Must Standardise In Your Sales Process

In Your Sales Process While working with my clients I frequently sense that they struggle in creating and implementing the right sales process. Generally, the sales process which they use is not documented and as a result their salespeople are using own methods to optimize their sales efforts. A documented sales process will help you in getting the predictable and repeatable results.

So, the question arises; What elements of sales process must be documented and standardized for best performance; as the sales process is very big and has got lots of elements and sub elements.

In this e-Book, I am giving you the list of various elements of sales process which must be documented and standardized.

Conducting Power Sales Reviews

Are you unhappy with your salesperson's performance?

Do you think they can do better and meet the targets if they put in smart work?

Do you think your sales people do not take accountability for delivering the results?

Do these questions sound familiar and troubling to you?
If your answer to the above questions is YES, then this book is a must read...

This e-book will help you to:

  • Prepare for Sales review
  • Prepare for 1-1 discussion
  • Action Planning for gaps
  • Agreement for Implementation

4 Steps towards BUSINESS GROWTH

Did you ever wonder why are you in business?

Obviously for making moneyyy….! Not really. Your purpose of being in business is not merely making money, money is only a byproduct. Your purpose is much bigger than that. The purpose of the business is to make the human life easier.

Your business is an opportunity to explore yourself and expand yourself. Your business is a playground where you can play your game to the fullest of your potential. Through your business you can contribute immensely to the society and fulfill the purpose of your life.

This e-book will help you to:

  • Create a Big Ambition
  • Develop strong Performance Leadership
  • Creating a Robust Structure
  • Create an Empowered Team