Does your business run smoothly even In your Absence?
Does Your business produce Consistent Results Month after Month?
If your answer is NO or NOT Sure, then your business is lacking Systems and Processes . . .

We have our Expertise in the area of Business Process Designing, Documentation, Implementation and Automation and Re-Engineering.

Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect

We CONSULT, COACH and SUPPORT Organizations for
Process Design, Documentation & Implementation.

By Documenting Your Processes, You can expect the following Benefits...

  • Run your business smoothly even when you are not present
  • Show case the strengths of your business to your prospects
  • Improve quality of product and service
  • Make your result predictable by Process Standardization
  • Avoid blame game at workplace by defining Internal SLAs defining
  • Fix up responsibility for results
  • Align your team for improved quality and productivity
  • Get your new employees job ready within shortest time
  • Measure performance of your employees and processes
  • Make people accountable by process audits
  • Increase your productivity by Process Automation
  • Constantly innovate your business by Process Re-Engineering
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect

For Process Documentation we adopt the SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output and Customer Approach).

The process documentation and re- engineering is taken up as turnkey projects. Minimization of 'Cycle time' is given very high consideration.

Designing for Six Sigma is our motto.
We provide Services in the Areas of...

  • Sales Processes
  • Customer Service Process
  • Operational Processes
  • HR Processes and policies Development
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect

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