Accountable Teams Training

Create an Accountable Team

Did you know that 79% of SME organizations are stagnating because they lack a system to Create an Accountable Team!

Various surveys have revealed that only 15% employees are actively engaged and deliver their best job. 60% employees are working to keep their jobs, where as 25% are actively disengaged. They don’t work themselves and don’t let others work.

For SMEs getting the work done from employees is an going challenge.

Attend this one-day immersive workshop to:

  • Motivate your employees to deliver projects on time
  • Teach your employees to avoid excuses and resolve performance barriers
  • Hold anyone accountable, irrespective of power, position, or temperament
  • Learn to start delegating
  • Give feedback and hold accountability conversations
Rakesh Sharma Business Coach Business Growth Architect

Training Mode :
Open House

Duration :
1 Day